Random Runner Pub Pokies

The trendsetting and legendary Random Runner pokies should not be missing from our offer! This pokie is pretty much the basis of the pokies as we know them today, and no matter how many new games are added, it will remain the classic of choice that will always be fun. Get that feeling back from the cosiness of a brown cafe or the local snack bar on the corner that every working-class neighborhood is rich in and where everyone knows each other.

No doubt you have been to places like this before, and nine out of ten times their pokies range has started with the Random Runner. And now you can play them online! It’s like an old acquaintance you meet again after a long time, and it looks like you saw each other just yesterday.

A Popular Pokie Featured

With a basic game and top three reels and of course a 0-1 gambling game, this Tanzoo pokie is almost immediately understandable for everyone in case you have never played it before… It all goes without saying. In addition to the standard reels, the ‘Bar’ icon acts as a joker for some combinations, and the crown symbols can also be used to form criss-cross winlines.

Because free slots are so convenient to get used to the playing style of the pokie in question, you can of course play it in the free fun mode. But if you want to play for money, this can also be selected at the push of a button. You can then choose from the familiar options: Call a number, pay via credit card, or, even more convenient, via Ideal. Amounts won can be paid as from 10 euros!

Play the Random Runner pokie from Tanzoo and experience the charm of this classic pokie. Share your experience if you feel the need by leaving a comment, or rate it with the stars below. Your voice will then be included in the average rating. Have fun and enjoy this fun pokie!

Random Runner Pokies Online Games

Experience this classic on the internet now! If you’ve been interested in gambling on slots for some time now, as an Australian player you’ve undoubtedly tried your luck on the Random Runner slot. You’ll find this game really everywhere and it’s the most typical pokie you can think of. It’s nice and old-fashioned, with red digital numbers on a few small screens and a long row of buttons at the bottom of the pokie.

When you open this slot for the first time as an online gambler, you’ll think, what are all these buttons for? Normally you don’t have much more than a ‘spin’ button and an option to adjust your bet, but that’s much more extensive here!

But don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough what all those buttons are for.

The Basics are the same

The basis is not very different from most pokies on the Internet: You just have to let the reels spin and then hope that they fall in an inexpensive way.

However, with this pokie you have a little more opportunity to influence how the game goes, because just as with the Mega Joker pokie, for example, you can continue to gamble with your winnings in an upstairs game.

First and foremost, these are the winnings you can gamble on in the bottom game (the screen you initially start with) and in the top game (the screen on top of the slot where you can continue playing with your winnings). You should keep in mind that you always play with a bet of 1 coin per turn in the bottom game or a bet of 5 coins per turn in the top game.

Payouts per Symbol

In the downstairs game:

Three blue stars – 200 coins
Three watermelons – 100 coins
Three bunches of grapes – 20 coins
Three gold bells – 20 coins
Three plums – 16 coins
Two plums and a BAR symbol – 16 coins
Three pears – 16 coins
Two pears and a BAR symbol – 16 coins
Three oranges – 12 coins
Two oranges and a BAR symbol – 12 coins
Three lemons – 12 coins
Two lemons and a BAR symbol – 12 coins
Three cherries – 8 coins
Two cherries and a BAR symbol – 8 coins
Two cherries – 4 coins
One cherry – 0 or 4 coins

In the top game:

Three blue stars – 200 coins
Three red sevens – 80 coins
Three watermelons – 80 coins
Three bunches of grapes – 80 coins
Three strawberries – 80 coins
Three gold bells – 40 coins
Three pears – 40 coins
Three plums – 40 coins
Three oranges – 40 coins

Additional Function: Holding Roles

With such a long list of symbols, the roles can fall in all sorts of ways. So it will often happen that you don’t make a winning combination and that can be quite frustrating. But fortunately you can hold one or two of the reels so that you get a second chance to make the combination of symbols in question.

That is not easy, of course. After all, in the bottom game you only have one winline from left to right and the characters have to end up on it exactly the right way. But with those ‘hold’ buttons it is fortunately made just a little bit easier, so you can always try again to grab that fat prize.

Win More with Five Win Lines in the Upper Game

Did you get a prize in the down game? Then your winnings are initially added to the super meter.

Bigger Wins, More Chance

The Super Meter is, as it were, a second balance with which you can continue playing in the top game and at that moment you can suddenly gamble with five winlines at the same time! So you can make combinations much more often and on top of that the available winnings are much larger than usual.

On the other hand, you can gamble with four coins from the super meter plus one coin from your normal balance with every turn you make. This means that it costs you five times as much as usual to gamble, while your odds of winning are much higher.

Statistically at least it is in your advantage, so make good use of this game feature.

Transferring Winnings

The prizes awarded in the top game can also be transferred using the buttons at the bottom of your screen. It might be a good idea to pay a little extra attention to this as well.

Furthermore, prizes of 200 coins are automatically added to your balance instead of the super meter. When you press the ‘exit’ button, all the money from the super meter is added directly to your casino balance.

is twitch the new best thing for casinos?

Watch Live Gambling via Twitch

Since its launch in 2011, Twitch has become one of the most popular online streaming services. Initially, Twitch focused mainly on gamers, which can stream their gameplay directly through the platform and can make use of all kinds of possibilities for communication with the viewers. From classic retro games like Super Mario to the latest first-person shooters like Apex Legends, on Twitch it is broadcast around the clock by thousands of different streamers from all over the world.

Over the years, many more different categories have been added in addition to gaming. From live music and painting to talk shows and live makeup tutorials, the most diverse categories and channels can be found on this global platform. Online gambling has also been well represented at Twitch for some years now. There are a lot of streamers that focus purely on online gambling and everything that goes with it, and some of these streamers also earn a nice penny with that! Curious? We do! That’s why we’ve made a few selections about casino streaming and online gambling via Twitch for you!

Twitch in a nutshell

Twitch has been in existence since 2011 and is a subsidiary of Amazon. Twitch mainly focuses on live streaming of the most diverse video games and e-sports competitions, but it also broadcasts all kinds of other creative content. Every month, more than 2 million broadcasters are active on Twitch, and the platform attracts around 15 million unique visitors every day. In terms of live streaming of games, Twitch is, therefore, a bit larger than the competing platform YouTube Gaming.

Twitch also works with a so-called partner program, with which popular streamers can earn income. These revenues come partly from advertisements and sponsors but are also generated by subscriptions. Viewers can subscribe to popular streamers for a small fee and receive some exclusive extras in exchange. In 2017, Twitch also launched an affiliate program, which made it possible for the smaller channels to generate income. This is done by means of ‘bits’, a digital currency that is used on Twitch, among other things, to give a kind of tip as a sign of appreciation to streamers.

The Emergence of Online Casino Streaming on Twitch

Online casinos are a huge part of the online gaming industry, and therefore, online gambling has been well represented at Twitch in recent years. A few years ago, streaming casino content via Twitch was still quite unexplored territory, but today it has become big business. The main reason? Online casinos are all too aware that Twitch is the pre-eminent channel for online marketing activities. In 2015, CasinoTwitcher was one of the first streamers of casino content. He was supported in this by the online casino Casumo, which provided him with play credit and sponsorship. This state of affairs was, of course, quickly picked up by many other online casinos and affiliates, so the ball started to roll. One channel after the other was established and so this latest form of casino streaming soon took off.

An Example of Today

Today, for example, the category of slots on Twitch is dominated by a handful of streamers and the competition is fierce. It’s no surprise, of course, that streaming casino content on Twitch is strongly business-oriented, so it’s certainly not free of all kinds of controversy. Links to unlicensed online casinos, playing with fake money, gambling with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and artificially increasing viewing figures by so-called bots; these are all things that have caused quite a stir. Many gambling organizations, such as the UK Gambling Commission, have already expressed their concerns about these issues. Twitch attracts a very large young audience, because games like Fortnite, Overwatch and League of Legends have a large young fan base on the platform. With a single click of the mouse, young viewers will find themselves on a casino content channel that is actually only suitable for adult players and is often full of advertising and bonuses for online casinos.

Regulations are still a bit of a Struggle

In terms of regulation, there is still a lot of ground to be gained, but for the time being, Twitch is not yet really taking the lead in this area. Of course a lot of shadowy channels and accounts have been removed and banned, but for now, it’s still a bit of a struggle. In addition, Twitch is not exactly known for its high degree of transparency and regulation. On the one hand, it is conceivable that Twitch will further restrict or prohibit casino streaming, but on the other hand, this will allow streamers to move to other and new streaming services, with the online casino industry as a major lender in the background. So the most obvious thing to do seems to be stricter control and better regulation, but that too is a largely unexplored legal area. One thing is clear: casino streaming is a huge and growing business and has long since taken its place in the online world.

Poker, Slots and other casino games look at Twitch.

Before the advent of casino streaming on Twitch (and YouTube), casino gaming enthusiasts gathered and found themselves mainly on various online forums, where they could exchange tips for the casino, experiences and the like. Twitch also offers these possibilities because of the extensive chat functionalities, and the big advantage is that viewers can communicate with each other in real time. It can be very entertaining and even instructive to watch how famous streamers play poker, for example and what strategies they use to do so. Twitch is also the perfect platform to discover new and classic slots from numerous developers because there are several streamers that focus purely on video slots and online slots.

On Twitch you’ll also find a lot of new and unknown games. Many developers work with streamers, and therefore these streamers are often paid to showcase newer games through their channel. For example, are you curious about a new slot, or do you want to see how a popular NetEnt slot machine plays? With a simple search on Twitch, you can find a wealth of information about certain games, mostly in the form of previously broadcast streams.

At the time of writing, the poker and slots channels are particularly popular for casino streaming on Twitch. If you scroll through the content on these channels, you will encounter some names of streamers very often. These are the biggest casino streamers, and these people make their money largely from streaming, sponsorship agreements, and affiliate marketing through Twitch and their other social media channels. These players have often been active for a long time and have been able to gather a large number of followers, allowing them to make real money with it.

Our conclusion

Whether you like to watch live photo editing, a game of CounterStrike or live poker and slots, Twitch offers you the opportunity to get a good idea about how a certain game or program works, while you can communicate with fellow viewers and the streamer itself. Twitch has made an undeniable contribution to the wonderful world of live streaming and will continue to do so for some time to come. The big question is how and if Twitch will further facilitate the streaming of gambling games. In any case, we will keep you informed of new developments in this area!

Online norgesautomaten Utbetalingsprosent med bonusrunder

Online norgesautomaten Utbetalingsprosent med bonusrunder

På Norskespilleautomateronline.com kan spillere finne en liste over de beste online kasinoene som gir sine spillere et stort utvalg av spilleautomater.

Spilleautomater er utvilsomt en av de eldste og mest populære spillene, selv om mange andre fengslende spill befolker det magiske universet av online gambling. De trives enormt over hele verden, hovedsakelig fordi de ikke krever noen spesielle ferdigheter eller erfaring. Resultatene av spillet stole hovedsakelig på sjanse. Og la oss ikke glemme å nevne et annet stort aspekt av norgesautomaten: de er utrolig underholdende!

I norgesautomaten er alt mulig; en enkel $ 1 innsats kan veldig enkelt bli en stor uventet jackpot. Men spillere foretrekker hovedsakelig online Casino norgesautomaten med bonusrunder, i det siste en felles funksjon.

Bonus Slot-spill tillater spillere å tjene ekstra kreditter uten å gjøre noen investeringer. Når bonusspillet utløses, spilles det samme spillet igjen. Prinsippet er veldig enkelt og spillene er spesielt utviklet for å tilfredsstille enhver type gambler.

Bonusrunden innebærer vanligvis å velge en gjenstand eller et antall objekter for å vinne kreditter. På denne måten har spillerne muligheten til å samle ekstra utbetalinger, gjøre opp for sine tidligere tap og bli bortskjemt litt. Norskespilleautomateronline.com har lagt merke til en stor attraksjon for denne typen spilleautomater, selv om justeringen av symboler som kreves for å utløse bonusspill, ikke forekommer veldig ofte. Et hardt slag er gitt til spillere som utløser et bonusspill, men ikke vinne noen kreditter. Deres skuffelse kompenseres ofte av huset via andre mekanismer, for eksempel det andre skjermbonusspillet, som er omtalt av moderne casinoapplikasjoner. I det siste har programvareutviklere forsøkt å øke frekvensen av bonusrunder, og her kommer den andre typen bonusspill, kalt free spins rundt. De gratis spin-rundene er mye mer hyggelige og populære på grunn av multipliserte utbetalinger og ekstra wilds. De sikrer betydelige bonusutbetalinger, men i motsetning til Bonus-spillene, er ikke designet med noen kompensasjonsmekanismer mot dårlige utbetalinger, noe som skjer noen ganger på grunn av uflaks.

Ikke lenge siden sluttet Realtime Gaming et Slot-spill som heter Hockey Hero, som inneholder en ny gratis spinn bonusrundefunksjon kalt Win-Win Bonus Feature. Dens formål er å kompensere spilleren dersom han vinner kun opptil ti ganger utløsende innsats. Utbetalingene i Win-Win Bonus Feature kan være ganske heftige. For eksempel, hvis spilleren ikke vinne noe i det hele tatt i løpet av de gratis spinnene rundt (som er ganske sjelden), får han utbetaling på 200 ganger utløsende innsats. Norskespilleautomateronline.com mener denne funksjonen kan revolusjonere online norgesautomaten og vil definitivt bli introdusert av andre utviklere i spillplattformene.


I løpet av de gratis spinnene mottar bonusrunde spillere utbetalinger i henhold til kombinasjonene på hjulene, men er ikke ment å sette inn innsatser. Utbetalingene bestemmes av innsatsen plassert i spinnet som utløste den frie spinn Bonusrunden. Sjelden er denne runden utløst tilfeldig. Det er viktig å vite at den frie spinn Bonusrunden er basert på to parametere: antall gratis spinn og multiplikatoren. Tendensen i siste generasjons spilleautomater er at begge parametrene skal etableres ved å spille et andre spill på en annen skjerm.

Når det gjelder utbetalinger, er det ikke mange forskjeller fra ett spill til et annet, unntatt temaet. De fleste free-spin norgesautomaten tilbyr de samme utbetalingene, så vel som samme antall gratis spinn og vinn multiplikatorbeløp. Norskespilleautomateronline.com anbefaler imidlertid å sjekke utbetalingene som tilbys av hver versjon av online norgesautomaten før du velger det beste. Vanligvis gir bedre odds bedre utbetalinger. Kanskje er oddsene like, men Bonusrunden gjør hele forskjellen. Ikke nøl med å ta en del av det når du har sjansen!

Bonusrundene gir de beste oddsene for å vinne på norgesautomaten, og utbetalingsprosentene er svært lovende. Det er et aldri skuffende spill fordi du alltid får å vinne noe til slutt, uansett resultatene, eller i det minste må du vente på din tur.

Et annet råd Norskespilleautomateronline.com kan gi deg om bonusrundens utbetalingsprosentandel er å bli med på nettcasino lojalitetsprogrammene; de inkluderer ofte veldig gode tilbud. Medlemskap øker norgesautomaten utbetalingsprosent ved å skaffe poeng. Dette kan ikke garantere mer vanlige gevinster, men det er gratis penger du ikke kunne nekte!

Bonusfunksjonen online norgesautomaten har i det siste blitt favoritt av mange spillere, fordi de er mer interessante, underholdende og lønnsomme enn konvensjonelle norgesautomater.