Random Runner Pub Pokies

The trendsetting and legendary Random Runner pokies should not be missing from our offer! This pokie is pretty much the basis of the pokies as we know them today, and no matter how many new games are added, it will remain the classic of choice that will always be fun. Get that feeling back from the cosiness of a brown cafe or the local snack bar on the corner that every working-class neighborhood is rich in and where everyone knows each other.

No doubt you have been to places like this before, and nine out of ten times their pokies range has started with the Random Runner. And now you can play them online! It’s like an old acquaintance you meet again after a long time, and it looks like you saw each other just yesterday.

A Popular Pokie Featured

With a basic game and top three reels and of course a 0-1 gambling game, this Tanzoo pokie is almost immediately understandable for everyone in case you have never played it before… It all goes without saying. In addition to the standard reels, the ‘Bar’ icon acts as a joker for some combinations, and the crown symbols can also be used to form criss-cross winlines.

Because free slots are so convenient to get used to the playing style of the pokie in question, you can of course play it in the free fun mode. But if you want to play for money, this can also be selected at the push of a button. You can then choose from the familiar options: Call a number, pay via credit card, or, even more convenient, via Ideal. Amounts won can be paid as from 10 euros!

Play the Random Runner pokie from Tanzoo and experience the charm of this classic pokie. Share your experience if you feel the need by leaving a comment, or rate it with the stars below. Your voice will then be included in the average rating. Have fun and enjoy this fun pokie!

Random Runner Pokies Online Games

Experience this classic on the internet now! If you’ve been interested in gambling on slots for some time now, as an Australian player you’ve undoubtedly tried your luck on the Random Runner slot. You’ll find this game really everywhere and it’s the most typical pokie you can think of. It’s nice and old-fashioned, with red digital numbers on a few small screens and a long row of buttons at the bottom of the pokie.

When you open this slot for the first time as an online gambler, you’ll think, what are all these buttons for? Normally you don’t have much more than a ‘spin’ button and an option to adjust your bet, but that’s much more extensive here!

But don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough what all those buttons are for.

The Basics are the same

The basis is not very different from most pokies on the Internet: You just have to let the reels spin and then hope that they fall in an inexpensive way.

However, with this pokie you have a little more opportunity to influence how the game goes, because just as with the Mega Joker pokie, for example, you can continue to gamble with your winnings in an upstairs game.

First and foremost, these are the winnings you can gamble on in the bottom game (the screen you initially start with) and in the top game (the screen on top of the slot where you can continue playing with your winnings). You should keep in mind that you always play with a bet of 1 coin per turn in the bottom game or a bet of 5 coins per turn in the top game.

Payouts per Symbol

In the downstairs game:

Three blue stars – 200 coins
Three watermelons – 100 coins
Three bunches of grapes – 20 coins
Three gold bells – 20 coins
Three plums – 16 coins
Two plums and a BAR symbol – 16 coins
Three pears – 16 coins
Two pears and a BAR symbol – 16 coins
Three oranges – 12 coins
Two oranges and a BAR symbol – 12 coins
Three lemons – 12 coins
Two lemons and a BAR symbol – 12 coins
Three cherries – 8 coins
Two cherries and a BAR symbol – 8 coins
Two cherries – 4 coins
One cherry – 0 or 4 coins

In the top game:

Three blue stars – 200 coins
Three red sevens – 80 coins
Three watermelons – 80 coins
Three bunches of grapes – 80 coins
Three strawberries – 80 coins
Three gold bells – 40 coins
Three pears – 40 coins
Three plums – 40 coins
Three oranges – 40 coins

Additional Function: Holding Roles

With such a long list of symbols, the roles can fall in all sorts of ways. So it will often happen that you don’t make a winning combination and that can be quite frustrating. But fortunately you can hold one or two of the reels so that you get a second chance to make the combination of symbols in question.

That is not easy, of course. After all, in the bottom game you only have one winline from left to right and the characters have to end up on it exactly the right way. But with those ‘hold’ buttons it is fortunately made just a little bit easier, so you can always try again to grab that fat prize.

Win More with Five Win Lines in the Upper Game

Did you get a prize in the down game? Then your winnings are initially added to the super meter.

Bigger Wins, More Chance

The Super Meter is, as it were, a second balance with which you can continue playing in the top game and at that moment you can suddenly gamble with five winlines at the same time! So you can make combinations much more often and on top of that the available winnings are much larger than usual.

On the other hand, you can gamble with four coins from the super meter plus one coin from your normal balance with every turn you make. This means that it costs you five times as much as usual to gamble, while your odds of winning are much higher.

Statistically at least it is in your advantage, so make good use of this game feature.

Transferring Winnings

The prizes awarded in the top game can also be transferred using the buttons at the bottom of your screen. It might be a good idea to pay a little extra attention to this as well.

Furthermore, prizes of 200 coins are automatically added to your balance instead of the super meter. When you press the ‘exit’ button, all the money from the super meter is added directly to your casino balance.